Marquis is already something of a veteran when it comes to pop music, having previously written with Kesha (see unreleased track “A La Discotheque”), and supported Tinashe on her recent Aquarius tour. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that first single “Please Don’t Shoot” is a delicious slice of piano-led electro-pop.

For a debut release, Marquis’ vocal on “Please Don’t Shoot” is impressively confident and commanding, whilst her knack for a chorus that packs a punch - both musically and emotionally - is already highly evident. The track’s slick production effortlessly compliments her impassioned lyricism without overriding or detracting from the rawness at its core.

“‘Please Don't Shoot’ is a story of vulnerability, where I place myself at the mercy of someone I've hurt,” Marquis explains of the story behind the lyrics. “The irony of it is, are you going to shoot me for a mistake when we are all guilty of making them? Or are you going to choose love, forgiveness, and courage?”

“Please Don’t Shoot” is out 10 March.