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Tallsaint says IDGAF on new single "Feel Like Myself”

26 February 2020, 13:12 | Written by Paige Sims

Taking influence from Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek, self-preservation is of utmost import on Tallsaint’s brand new single “Feel Like Myself”.

Continuing her addictive pop trajectory, Tallsaint intertwines messages of self-care within a shimmery blend of pulsating synths and delicate vocal harmonies. Opening with the brutally honest lyrics "I'm so bored of everybody's shit, I just want a day to myself", Tallsaint shares her most personal song to date with “Feel Like Myself".

Brimming with pop intimacies (Tallsaint, of course, still makes you want dance alone in your bedroom) and with evident influences from Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek, "Feel Like Myself" puts Tallsaint as a frontrunner in the pop world. Refreshingly, it's nice to hear a track that truly embodies those “meh" days we each have to navigate.

"'Feel Like Myself' is a track suited best for listening at the end of a day, or the end of an exhausting period of time,” shares Tallsaint of the new single. "I always seem to have a remit of SAD vs DANCING before, during and towards the final stages of a track, and this is pretty much the track that I believe really affirms that.

"I was listening to a lot of Charli XCX, Empress Of, Tove Lo and tracks from Caroline Polachek like 'I Give Up' at the time this track was conceived, and I really admired the way that the above artists were being really bold in their honest lyrical approach,” she continues of the writing process. "I've always wanted to write a track about feeling CBA and I just thought fuck it, I'll say exactly what's on my mind.

That said, such savagery comes from a point of self-preservation and health than spitefulness. "Like a naughty Grandma proclaiming savage comments to you at the family dinner table. I don't exactly mean that I'm bored of everybody, I'm not. You know when you just get to a point in the day or the week or the month or the year, and you just want to give in and sit to almost regenerate until you can feel like yourself again? I like to think that I owe it to myself to not push too hard, give too much, or have to be a go-to person with all the answers when you reach a point of exhaustion.”

“Feel Like Myself” is available now via Dance The Radio. Follow Tallsaint on Instagram.
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