“I had a dream we were dancing in the dark together / waltzing holding hands forever” could easily be a line from any number of schmaltzy love songs, but thankfully for us, instead it rather shrewdly forms the backbone of Talk Show’s latest foray into post-punk sensibilities and romantic mediations.

“Banshee”, the first taste of their upcoming debut EP These People, showcases a more rotund sound for the band, and that’s not to say they’ve gone and added overly-slick production to proceedings, certainly not, as that would suggest they’ve deterred from that distinct authoritative rawness they possess. But it is a more complete sound – it feels like they've honed their song craft; and given this is merely their third release, it’s commendable.

Maintaining the overwrought slightly louring tone of previous tracks, “Banshee” opens much the same as the images the track’s name conjures up: menacing and discarnate with clanking cymbals, whirring drums and Harrison Swann’s commanding articulation. The instrumental distress is short lived, giving way to far more ariose guitars and peppy rhythms, but the affliction can still be felt lyrically: “You can’t crush me and then click your fingers” bites Swann before concluding with the visceral and despairing “I hope you say the words that I know / I hope / I hope”.

“At its core 'Banshee' is a frustrated lovelorn tale,” explains Swann. “We didn’t want 'Banshee' to feel depressing or hopeless, more heartfelt and ardent. I wanted the lyrics and song to progress through a relationship which brings no resolution nor closure for the protagonist. Focused on melodic guitar lines and the rhythm section supporting the lead vocal, it helped us to create an uplifting track with a melancholic undertone.”

“Banshee” is out today and These People will release 27 March via Council Records. Catch them live at Lafayette on 23 April and find their other UK dates on Talk Show's Facebook.