South London five-piece Sunken balance flurries of synths with lead singer Poppy Billingham’s artful vocals under a comforting blanket of slinky guitars, casting us off into the deep haze of another dreamy melody. The two years the band spent carefully crafting this project since their last release is evident.

“‘Sorry For Everything’ focuses on a feeling of frustration and discomfort experienced through the process of disconnecting from someone romantically," explain the band. "There is a constant emphasis throughout the song which alludes to a fear of the sentence ‘sorry for everything’: almost as an easy cop out/quick escape rather than a sincere and genuine apology.

“The song is ethereal and delicate to symbolise the vulnerability of letting go as well as the anguish this can cause one's perspective towards themselves and the other person. Equally it is a collection of words for empowerment, and acceptance for something which is inevitably out of one's own control."

The track floats up into the seemingly safe cushion of a dream, but as the lyrics go: “even in dreams I still feel everything”. It promptly spirals back down with the angst of human disconnect.

The video has you constantly working to make out the blurred, delphic figure personifying the uncertainty in parting from someone you know well. Guiding you through, Poppy’s vocals celestially juxtapose the manic glitchy visuals, delusively, almost as if she’s commanding every new sequence.

From creating music in their neighbouring bedrooms only a couple of years back, to supporting the likes of Puma Blue and ALASKALASKA last year, it's exciting to witness siblings Poppy and Finn Billingham, along with their band members, dig deeper into the vast potential of Sunken.

"Sorry For Everything" is out now. Find Sunken on Instagram.