New release "Volcano" sees the pair stretch to new heights with their latest helping of dizzying synth-pop delights. It's pop in the purest sense, with a euphoric chorus dipped in righteous melodrama set to a driving, persuasive beat. Sonic touchstones include Robyn's nonchalant Scandi-cool, and the swirl and glitter of CHVRCHES' biggest hits. It's intoxicating in the extreme, with Liedberg's voice at once expressive and effortless as it shimmies above Mazza's deliberate percussion.

"I was at one of my lowest points when I wrote 'Volcano'," Liedberg explains of how the track came to be. "I'd just been left by someone and was completely broken. Days passed, and I figured out the only way to stop the waterfall of tears was to go deeper into myself - that was the only way out. I pictured a stronger force, something I could clutch onto. Now that I was alone - I had to hold on to something bigger within - and it became my saviour, my volcano. The song can mean anything to whoever’s listening to it - we just want to make people feel, see the truth and dream – and, when the darkest days come, we want to inspire you to find your own 'Volcano' and let it guide you."

"Volcano" is out now.