Described by the band's label as "a shoegaze pop tune about suicide you can dance to", Spunsugar's "Belladonna" is a poetic track that shines bright despite the harrowing subject matter.

Bass player Felix Sjöström duets with vocalist Elin Ramsted on their new single, which commences straight into the first chorus over a bed of rumbling guitars and bass.

Sjöström and Ramsted duet angelically over the brooding instrumentation as they sing of wanting to lace a drink with the poisonous belladonna plant, "I haven’t done it but I think I’m gonna / Lace this wine with some belladonna / Leaves a lingering taste of lilac / My knuckles crack."

The verses take on a slightly different tone, embracing a mix of percussion and twangy guitars that ring similar to '80s powerhouse rock anthems, while Ramsted sings, "Where do I fit in this trichotomy? / Why do bad things always come in three? / There must be something wrong inside of me / It will be gone with some deadly nightshade."

Much like earlier single "Happier Happyless", Spunsugar balance the coldness of the song's subject and instrumentals with heavenly harmonies.

Spunsugar’s "Belladonna" single is out now on Adrian Recordings. Their debut LP Drive-Through Chapel will arrive 2 October, and is available to pre-order now.