"Happier Happyless" is the first new single from the Swedish shoegaze band since last year’s Mouth Full of You EP, and is a faultless blend of dreamy vocals and industrial instrumentation.

Spunsugar’s new track is built on a foundation of pulsating, foreboding synths, and sees Elin Ramsted’s atmospheric vocals glide gracefully over the the sharpness of the electronica and percussion. The hazy guitars emphasise the tense synths, growling in the shadows before pouncing and flooding the chorus with compelling shoegaze.

Spunsugar manage to control the coldness of the instrumentation with harmonies, balancing the brooding elements with angelic vocals, much like Chromatics and Cocteau Twins.

"Happier Happyless" is, in their own words, “a sour and sweet song, tackling subjects of pining, happiness and revenge.”

Spunsugar’s "Happier Happyless" single is out now on Adrian Recordings. Their debut LP is due for release later this year.