Sophie Morgan was brought up with an extensive musical education, ranging from Nick Drake and Van Morrison, and later to Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

"Sons & Daughters" is a tranquil golden hour track, weaving elegant vocals and magical harmonies to create a blissful offering.

Speaking about her new single, Morgan explains, “The song itself is quite simple in its nature. I think it had been something I was thinking about for a while... that we are all just somebody's son or
daughter. I think remembering that can be quite reassuring. The song is a sort of rejoice, that regardless of the different lives we lead, we all begin and end at the same place.”

Enchanting in delivery and embodying a pristine and picturesque aura, "Sons & Daughters" is both tranquil and emotive, swaying majestically in the light summer breeze.

At just 21, Morgan has much to offer, and reveals "Sons & Daughters" as the first, and title-track from her forthcoming second EP.

"Sons & Daughters" is available now. Sophie Morgan's Sons & Daughters EP arrives on 21 September.