Stockholm's Cherish Label is a reliable source of some of the city’s best new music, and their latest signing's release “Body Of Art” is no exhibition. Sophia Tako is an artist originally from the tiny village of Munkedal, and now based in the Swedish capital.

Her new track is a self-confidence anthem, and this love letter to her own self-respect takes the form of smooth, shadowy electronic R&B. Tako keeps the song subtle, her voice gradually growing in power and force as the song proceeds. By the end it’s a self-assured purr, as she exclaims "Love all of my body, ‘cos you know I’m a body of art".

“This song is my way of honouring my inner goddess," says Tako. "It’s a way to tell her that I am devoted to her and that she deserves to be respected, loved and worshipped. My wish is that others feel empowered, sexy and connected to their own inner goddess. That they acknowledge that a woman’s body truly is a work of art and greet it with honour”.

“Body Of Art” is out on Cherish Label on 14 March. Find Sophia Tako on Facebook.