With Young Dreams lead Matias Tellez on mixing duties yet again, “Last Lines” finds Norwegian artist Solå scoring a formidably polished path, her piercingly crisp vocals interweaving with a bittersweet yet addictive strata of electronic embers and subtle string segments.

Solå, with a series of electro-pop numbers already to her name, continues to yield sparkling, multi-layered results: a journey that can be traced to humble origins spent independently songwriting and producing in her Bergen apartment.

Co-penned with AURORA collaborator Vetle Junker, Solå maintains a creative partnership that, along with Tellez, finds its strength in a combination of seamless production values, rapid-fire pace, and personally inspired lyrics.

Consistent in sourcing themes from experience, her latest track addresses the struggle to resurrect an irreconcilable relationship: “When you love someone, it's hard to acknowledge that the relationship between you isn't working,” she explains. “'Last Lines' is the realization that love isn’t enough when the solid foundations in your relationship stopped functioning. As I describe in the lyrics, it can sometimes feel like the two of you are standing on different islands, unable to build bridges to solve whatever problems you might have. 'Last Lines' is the final goodbye to my someone.”

"Last Lines" is out now via LEKK Music. Find Solå on Instagram.