Operating under the moniker Solå, Sol Sunnanå Eriksen has rapidly cultivated a surefire talent for grafting a percolating array of ear-worming beats to glistening aural architecture.

Solå embraced the electro-pop-tacking firepower that anchored her Kitsuné-released debut single “Dizzy”, and lent swerving range to a featuring role on SLØTFACE bassist Lasse Lokøy’s solo venture.

On “B Mine”, she effuses a naturally confident, untrammelled vision refracted through a glossy ambient prism. Solå, in this vein, effortlessly inverts the soft-hued approach gracing previous single “Who”, splicing scintillating vocal snaps with incandescent Scandi-pop precision. A gushing rhythmic motion bolstered by the creative involvement of AURORA collaborator Vetle Junker and Young Dreams’ Matias Tellez.

Solå’s sleek, stylistic trajectory accentuates lyrics speaking to the essential need for personal freedom, championing a determination to regroup and assume control in the aftermath of a relationship: “When I wrote “B Mine”, it was important to me to write something based on my feelings towards myself. I tend to compromise too much, and that has made me lose track of what I truly want for myself,” she explains. “I've been unfortunate in my love, and that has sometimes made me feel small. “B Mine” is my way of saying that you should value yourself, and not let your desires fade away.”

Layering drifting percussive thrums amongst segueing synth soundscapes, Solå commits to a gleefully unrestricted path, further refining a sense of destination with dexterity.

"B Mine" is out now via Edda Music. Find Solå on Instagram.