Not ones to rest on their laurels, the duo - namely Kira Clark and Keith McGraw - follow up their debut “What’s A Girl To Do?” with their latest examination of how the complexities of the female experience manifests in a patriarchal society.

Honing in on Hole’s Courtney Love, an artist who has visibly struggled with addictions, parenthood, fame, relationships and being an overtly feminine presence in the traditionally masculine genre of rock, “My Heart Is Open” positions a more empathetic account of the artist.

"I wrote this song from the perspective of Courtney Love,” shares Clark of the creation of their latest release. “I am in awe of her grit, ambition and belief in herself. She’s messy, complicated and divisive. It was liberating to write a song in her voice.”

Striking a more upbeat tempo than “What’s A Girl To Do?”, “My Heart Is Open” deploys a percussive bombast that captures the perseverance of the track’s muse whilst tugging at the heartstrings with every synthesised chord. “I’ve never been the type to wait for life / Open my mouth take what’s mine,” Clark breathily intones at the start of the track, meandering from channelled, self-assured resilience to moments of apprehension and vulnerability as the chorus takes hold.

“I often feel filled with a tremendous amount of doubt and channeling [Love] throughout my experience in music has in some ways enabled me to keep going,” continues Clark, quoting the single to summarise. “They call me a mess / They call me a drunk but I’ll be great in time.”

”My Heart Is Open” is available now via Soft Boy Songs. Pre-order the debut album Bedroom Drama, released 2 August, and follow So Sensitive on Facebook.