Welcome to the weird and lo-fi world of Sipper, known to his friends as cat-cradler Joe Beerman, where celebrities can be muses, confidence is a hindrance, and melodies flow like lager.

It doesn’t take a genius to see where the name Sipper came from, but the subtle cheekiness involved in the moniker definitely gives you a nod towards the dry wit that lies behind this NYC-based baird’s songs.

Tracks like "N.J.F.D." retread worn paths in new shoes, with well considered lyrics that toy with a tired genre and convey not just complex emotion, but also a heightened awareness. And it’s not just in the lyrics - the musicality is simple but full twists and bedroom-pop hooks that keep you locked.

Releasing his debut EP Adam Driver earlier this year it was the title-track which, for obvious reasons, stole the limelight, trending on Twitter for its tongue-in-cheek, risqué sentiment. "Adam D, you're my everything, throw those arms on me, take your time, please" swoons Sipper. However, the EP was thick with driving indie rock that drew on a broad frame of references; there was a lot of Adam Green, a bit of Xiu Xiu, even a hint of The Strokes. Previous single "Metric" was picked up by Matt Wilkinson and supported on Beats 1.

Returning with "Ghost", the first single off a forthcoming new EP, it’s all thick waves of guitar, lo-fi drums and anxiety. "Like when I sing, it’s a terrible sound" laments Sipper with the genuine pain of a Los Campesinos! classic. There’s even a nice crude opening stanza for the truly lovelorn. If you’re a fan of heart-on-frayed-sleeve, fall at the first hurdle indie that’s as true as its lack of belief in anything ever being true, then this one’s for you.

Sipper's new single "Ghost" is out now via Level.