Inspired by local heroes Oasis, the Britpop stalwarts aren't the only inspirational auteurs for Shango SK's sound. The expressive and emotional balladry of Justin Vernon's Bon Iver makes the list as does Future's fluid take on hip hop. "Innocent" is just a glimpse into the world of music he's been cooking up.

The new track is all about the realisation of reaching breaking point in a relationship. For SK he's done wasting any more time on his current situation. Feeling like his wings have been clipped and he's getting the bad end of the deal, "Innocent" is about accepting the things you need to lose in order to suceed and in this case it's a relationship. Through the simmering guitar riffs, relaxed beats, uplifting piano chords and his smooth vocals, the track channels his aspirational outlook in such an inspiring way.

Shango SK's genre-fusing abilties can also be witnessed across the plentiful demos which populate his Soundcloud page. In particular his Sad Boy Hours EP sees his penchat for melancholy hooks really shine. With so many avenues through which SK's sound could transform and deviate from hyper-popular norms, this is the time for people to engage, so they can experience his exciting evolution for themselves.

"Innocent" is out now. Find Shango SK on Instagram.