The "Purple Room" is a pleasantly disorienting one: hazy, lovelorn, with no clear boundaries or exits. A warped and lounge-y guitar line flickers in and out of Muzakal view, cutting through the smoky percussion as Baron sings with a hint of lust and more than a touch of longing. With each repetition of the song's mantra, he pulls the listener deeper into the disordered violet utopia he's constructed; the effect is as hypnotising as Rhye asking that you "come this way" and join them on "One of Those Summer Days".

No matter how much you may want to join him, however, Baron's voice intimates far more regret than desire. It seems those "high expectations" may have been too much for those invited or for himself, and as his pitch is warped, modulated, and masked, the script is flipped. Instead of joining him in that "Purple Room", the listener becomes a voyeur to a memory, leaving Baron alone to meditate on what he hoped for and couldn't have.

The artist himself had this to say: "Purple Room is the opening track of my debut, upcoming album Ultimate Lounge. The album is a personal take on “lounge”/chillout music and makes use of fragmented, easy-listening samples. Purple Room also explores these ideas, and can be read as a tongue-in-cheek reflection on notions of self-indulgence, hedonism and escapism."

Ultimate Lounge is set for release 22 July. You can pre-order the 7" "Purple Room" single and the full album via Squareglass Records.

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