Alternatively smooth, taut and tortured, Selma Judith contorts her voice though the pain in the song’s story. For both song and video, the focus is placed firmly on her – it’s her raw presence and striking charisma that gives “Colder” its heart.

“The song points out a human tendency to grow colder with age,” says Judith, “to start separating ourselves from our painful emotions as a kind of survival mechanism. It also encourages you to be aware of this change; in the end we wrap ourselves in apathy to keep warm in a cold, sad world, and we risk forgetting those who are still freezing.”

The accompanying video is a one-take that follows Judith as she strains herself to act out the song’s twists and turns. The Royal Cast Collection in Copenhagen kind of looks like the attic the emperor Augustus hasn’t opened in a few years - a collection of plaster casts detailing 4000 years of human history. A room like that inspires a little awe in its own right, and it lends a layer of magic to the video.

“Colder” is out tomorrow on Vuf Empire. Find Selma Judith on Facebook.