Born in LA and now based in Brooklyn, Rachel Stewart who has previously worked as a solo act under the same moniker fronts Sedona, now expanded to a formidable live prospect comprising Merilyn Chang (keys), Claire Gilb (guitar), Margaux Bouchegnies (bass), and Tia Cestaro (drums).

"I’ve been seeing you in my dreams, but you told me not to look back" sings Stewart over a rush of 80s indebted synths and crushing percussion. Her delivery invokes the soft conversational style of HAIM, while the track sparks and soars like Chairlift giving a ride to Bonnie Tyler.

"If falling in love with your bad side and learning to make friends with your inner demons had a sonic lovechild, it would be "Closer"," says Stewart. "This is what walking the line between self loathing and self loving sounds like."

Whilst previous tracks lean on a more current and commercial pop formula, Closer marks a move to a mature and holistic dream-pop route. It’s stylised and evocative with a punchy chorus, Stewarts vocals standing out over the rush of samples and synth. Expect a debut EP titled Rearview Angel to drop soon, and keep this one close.

Sedona’s new single "Closer" is out now via Level.