"No Love" is Saint DX's first new single of 2020, and sees the French musician fuse a smooth, steady beat with a romantically sombre piano melody while singing about the absence of love.

The simple piano loop - provided by Joseph Schiano di Lombo - is a heartfelt melody that complements Saint DX's lyrics as he sings wistfully, "What if there's no love? / There's no drug."

Saint DX, real name Aurélien Hamm, and guest vocalist Clara Nowhere (aka Clara Cappagli of Agar Agar) go back and forth across the verses like a poetic conversation between two lovers, before uniting to duet on the ruminative choruses that question the presence of love.

The French artist manages to incorporate sparkling vintage synths in the second half of the track, adding a psych-pop pool of light to the ballad. The contrast between the sorrowful piano loop and the bright electronica creates a mesmerising song that embodies the polarising emotions of love.

"During the lockdown I asked my friends Clara Nowhere and Joseph Schiano di Lombo to collaborate with me on a song," Saint DX explains. "Joseph refers to it as an "open-heart laboratory"."

He continues, "Everyone was pretty much available during this period, so it all went very quickly. One morning, Joseph sent me a piano loop and I started singing a love song to it, which in fact is not really a love song. In the meantime, I sent the track to Clara who recorded and mixed her voice in the afternoon. In the evening the song was finished. As I usually take a long time to finish my songs, this experience was a lifesaver.

"At the end of June, we drove together to the Tuscan countryside, to shoot the music video with the help of my director friend Julien Pujol and his team. A long journey, an arrival at sunset, two days spent walking through the hills, and the discovery of a lonely chapel on top of one of them," Saint DX concludes.

Saint DX's "No Love" single featuring Clara Nowhere and Joseph Schiano di Lombo is out now. Follow Saint DX on Instagram.