Sometimes it’s hard to live in the present; the past will haunt you, and the future is full of uncertainty, but the present is the only place you will ever live. It is that realisation that inspired Sad Boys Club's no holds barred single, “Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)”.

Known for their raw and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, the group, made up of vocalist Jacob Wheldon, guitarist Chris Holmes, drummer Tom MacColl and bassist Pedro Caetano live up to their collective name. With the release of their new track, Sad Boys Club are sticking to their guns, but taking it up a notch.

The first single to be taken from an upcoming EP project, “Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)” is fuelled by a rock-charged bassline, clanging indie guitars and Wheldon’s rich vocals, creating a meaty sonic experience that elevates the track to a full-bodied space. Manifesto-like in delivery, it’s that progression in production and arrangement which makes Sad Boys Club’s upcoming new era their most exciting one to date.

Speaking on the unabashed track, Wheldon explains “I look at the past to remember who I am and towards the future to become who I hope I could be, between the two I forget to exist, even more so this last year than usual.”

“With “Your Mind”, I wanted something kind of violent, alive, present - on the brink of total collapse or at the moment of evolution. To reset the circuit, wake up and make sure I wasn’t getting out the other end of this year’s tunnel only to find it had gone full circle.”

“Your Mind (Makes Mine Seem Fine)” is out now via Modern Sky. Find Sad Boys Club on Instagram.