Sensual and evocative, “Hunter” is the latest electronic R’n’B flavoured track from London-based trio Rumours, following a handful of singles, remixes and an EP in 2016. The lyrics are full of ambiguous longing, perhaps apt for a group whose close-knit relationships encompass that of childhood friends (Italians Mark and Fede) and a romantic pairing (Fede and Norwegian vocalist Marion).

"Being in a relationship and making music together can be challenging, but it's something that has made us grow along the way" the band commented on their precarious romantic arrangements.

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Girl-boy harmonies over skittering beats is a familiar pairing, but “Hunter” deviates from the ordinary, taking the tightly wound vocals of The xx and bringing them into the light, revealing something poppier and looser.

The last minute of the track hints at further potential for experimentation – as Marion’s plea “baby if we can face the darkness/we’ll see something new” leads into a kaleidoscopic breakdown of sampled beats and voices.

"Hunter" is out now