London-via-Yorkshire multi-instrumentalist Ross Quinn has arrived with a stunning debut track "You", alongside an extraordinarily refined music video devised and cast by Quinn himself. His delicate vocals circle the bouncy production as the lush romantic visuals cascade across the screen.

The video was designed to play up the mysterious, lusty feelings that accompany the first acts of a blossoming relationship, and this certainly comes across as two young lovers gaze into each other's eyes under the steamy mist of an exotic waterfall.

Reflecting on the impetus of the song, Ross Quinn explains, "'You' is inspired by the early and exciting stages of a relationship. Forming a connection with someone, trying to gain a better understanding of them and those somewhat elusive feelings.

“I wanted that energy to match in production with a driving beat, yet keeping the warm tones and textures throughout, taking you back to that place of the relationship."

“You” is out today and his debut EP is set to release this summer. Find Ross Quinn on Instagram.