After a chance encounter on an empty transatlantic flight reignited conversation between the two acquaintances, Zine and Jannson decided it was high time they joined creative forces. Alas, RINNGS was born mere months later, Zine lending his smooth vocal talents and rhythmic drumbeats with Jannson opting to craft harmonies to create their own silky blend of electronica. You would not presume that the pair have roots in choral composing, conducting and jazz drumming.

Having declared their penchant for writing about the ordinaries of life, "Cutting The Cloth" explores the complexities of relationships, of aging, loneliness, desire and rebellion. “I know you wished you learned to trust yourself more,” states Zine, as the track continues on its murky path. “'Cause now you doubt your love for everything.” Despite its often sombre lyrical undercurrent, "Cutting The Cloth" encapsulates a pair clearly revelling in the freedom to create the music that they want, precisely how they want.

"Cutting The Cloth" is out now.