There's a sombre tone to the "Swallow Your Pride", described as a “teaser”, with another single coming early next year. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter has spent the past year in the studio working with Jörgen Elofsson, whose previous studio-mates include pop heavyweights Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson, amongst several others. “Totally taken by her voice”, Frank met Elofsson as a demo singer, but as soon as he heard her he knew that they “had to work together.”

Frank explains how “[“Swallow Your Pride”] was actually the first song Jörgen and I wrote together. He came up with the guitar riff and I sang along to it, we brainstormed lyrics and there it was.” For Frank, the song “personally [feels] it's about blaming oneself for a failed relationship in order to try to mend it.”

“Something I love about the song is that it's open to interpretation,” she adds, explaining over email how “a friend of [hers] heard it and thought of infidelity.” This is part of the track’s charm - its ambiguous lyrics, sparse production and Rhys’ warm vocal making “Swallow Your Pride” at once comforting and melancholy.

"Swallow Your Pride" is out now.