The breezy pop single is built on a bed of jittering keys and swirling synths that create a hazy atmosphere, allowing Raven Artson's ethereal vocals to transport the track to another planet.

Artson, who started working on the song back in 2016, switches between reality and a dream-like state throughout the track, his falsetto vocals complimenting the keys melody as he lingers in the high pitches - a cathartic release of his inner battle of wanting love.

The textured track flickers between bright pop and a melancholic ballad, and halfway through the instrumentals are stripped back to a subdued guitar and drum melody that allows listeners to process the otherworldly experience. Artson sombrely sings "no dismay", before building the track to its peak with layered vocals like a choir of voices in his head.

Artson says of his new single, ""notice me" is a not-so-classic love song about the duality in holding on to inner feelings. I try to save the idea of a platonic relationship by suppressing my urge for a romance and burying my growing discontent with the actual situation: "no dismay, no dismay". However, my stubbornness is a ticking time bomb that inevitably has to blow. All I really want is my gestures to be seen for their true intent, regardless the consequences: "notice me for what I am"."

Raven Artson's "notice me" is out now on Rosed Out Records. Follow Raven Artson on Instagram.