Set upon hollow drum machine beats and ghostly synths, singer Madeline Priest quickly commands the song's lullaby ebbs with subtle finesse. Her saccharine vocals over a skeletal framework harbours a strange dichotomy of comfort and discomfort that is immediately striking.

"I think 'Staring At The Walls' shows a different side of us", Madeline said. "It's a little darker, but there's also a sense of hope. It's one of my favorites from the record. We are so excited that the release is almost here and so grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout the process. We are really proud of this record and looking forward to what's to come!"

A delightfully disconcerting and infectious listen, "Staring At The Walls" is a strong companion to the band's previous 2015 singles ("The Game""Broken", and "Strong Hearts"), serving to build momentum for their debut album (released 5 May via Emotion).