1. "I Don't Want U Back" by BØRNS

The electric love himself, Mr Garrett Borns (pictured above) – better known simply as Børns – has shared details of his forthcoming second album Blue Madonna, and with that a new track.

"I Don’t Want U Back" is glamorous and gorgeous in every sense of the words. Harking back to his debut full length Dopamine, BØRNS' sound has continued to evolve as he's shared the first looks at the new record with singles "Sweet Dreams" and "Faded Heart".

With the album set to drop in January next year, "I Don’t Want U Back" is a vibrant reminder of why we all fell in love with BØRNS first time round. (MK)

"Taxi" by EXES

2. "Taxi" by EXES

EXES' Allie Macdonald has proven her songwriting skills in a heap of releases this year. "Taxi" further showcases exactly why her lyrics have such a deep emotional resonance with so many. Not technically a Christmas song, its wintery theme and snowy cover artwork make it an essential for any sad-pop playlists you may fancy sticking on over the festive period. (MK)

"Not A Love Song" by bülow

3. "Not A Love Song" by bülow

Okay, so, this isn't strictly a new track, but we thought bülow's "Not A Love Song" definitely deserved a place here. Taken from the secondar school-aged singer's debut EP Damaged Vol. 1, out early last month, "Not A Love Song" is an Elohim-esque pop gem, with synths that both grind and sparkle in equal measure, plus a driving chorus heartbeat. Follow-up single "Lines" takes lessons from Julia Michaels in its delicate employment of clipped string samples and clear, simple vocals. (PW)

"The Ways Of Your Love" by Carmody

4. "The Ways Of Your Love" by Carmody

Carmody delivers a silky-smooth winter warmer in the form of "The Ways Of Your Love". It's utterly classic-sounding, with a swelling string section providing a dramatic backdrop to her soaring vocal. This is one you'll be able to put on when you head home for Christmas, and for once your Mum will actually get it. (PW)

"pray" by duendita

5. "pray" by duendita

Queens' duendita has a soulful, open voice that's the lynchpin of her richly textured R&B sound. She states that recent single "pray" "celebrates the experience of growing up in a diverse environment," something reflected in the track's globe-spanning influences. Contrasting the lazy, treacle-voiced verses with a skittering, antsy chorus, "pray" premiered with Ebro Darden on Beats 1 Radio. (PW)

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