Plastic Picnic's “September Second” is a seemingly buoyant track filled with twinkling synths, reverb-soaked guitars and potent bass. The track's underlying lyrical themes take a more melancholic turn, with the soaring chorus line “You’ll always get the best of me even if you can’t see it” resonating more somber notions.

Despite its upbeat vibe, the track is tinged with remorse and reflection, continuing the quartet's mission to create “sad music for people to dance to”. "'September Second' is a song about guilt and regret,” say the band. “While a breakup is never easy, this song is a confession - directly about the pain involved in that process. It’s a plea with yourself to not make the same mistakes in the future, that may lead to something great being destroyed."

“September Second” is out today and Vistalte is out 19 July, available to pre-order now. Find Plastic Picnic on Facebook.