The distorted keys melody and clapping beat is a blissful reminder of the long summer days that already seem a lifetime ago. King Krule produces the warped beat, working under his DJ JD Sports alias.

Pinty's verses emphasise the alluring tone of the lethargic dancefloor offering, bouncing through bursts of nostalgic and distorted west coast hip-hop melodies, and bringing it back to the concrete jungle of London with his playfully poetic flows.

Offering a short take on his new track, Pinty says, "It's a journey in my fast moving shoes thru this decaying city I love so much."

Pinty's new offering is taken from his forthcoming debut EP City Limits.


  1. Tropical Bleu
  2. Honey
  3. Ceasors
  4. Night Crawler
  5. Sunday Smokes
  6. City Limits
"Tropical Bleu" is out now on Rhythm Section INTL. City Limits is due for release in February 2019. Pinty plays Ghost Notes in London on 28 December. Find out more.