Following on from their cover of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" and the brilliant first original single "Detroit", the band has gone back to cover versions with "Drömmens skepp" .

A Swedish folk standard (which translates as "Ship Of A Dream"), it's Pink Milk's take on Staffan Percy’s 1979 version of a Bo Setterlind poem and despite it being a commission for Swedish television it's a dark and unhinged take on the original. In fact, the TV bosses were so concerned by the track it never actually made it to broadcast.

Maria (drums, vocals) and Edward (guitar, vocals) trade strained, impassioned and reverb-laden verses over flat, ominous drums and stark stabs of detuned guitars. It's gloomy and delicious in equal measure.

"Drömmens skepp" is out now, and Pink Milk will be touring the UK in the new year.