The sun never sets for Peach Tree Rascals. The unshakeable DIY spirit of the LA-based collective has seen them go from strength to strength – not just as a group, but as a family. Between shifts at Red Lobster and their local print shop in San Jose, the six-strong collective have nurtured their multi-media ambition, covering every base of their music from production to creative direction.

Theirs is a genre-spanning canvas, flecked with sunlit, indie-pop instinct and great stripes of hip-hop-driven beats. With their hearts masted to their sleeves, the worlds of emotion and infectious grooves collide. “Deer” is one of their most triumphant tracks yet – and rightly so.

Rapper-singer Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq shares: “Joe and I wrote this song about celebrating the happy moments that almost feels too good to be true. Sometimes something happens and you need to pinch yourself because it barely feels real.”

They’re walking on sunshine with their breezy RnB vocals, skipping up and down piano keys and jazz infused rhythms. The music video, shot by creative director Jorge Olazaba, was made the night they signed their first record deal with 10K/Homemade Projects. “We were so proud and put in so much work to get to that point,” he says. “That night was celebratory for us and our team. It didn’t even feel real. It was one of the most important nights of our lives."

“Deer” is out now via 10K/Homemade Projects. Follow Peach Tree Rascals on Instagram.