As far as track titles go, ‘Pet Carrot’, is surely up there with the best of them, but there’s so much more to nineteen-year-old Ellen Kempner’s ultra-melodic, Breeders-ish rock than just oddball lexical choices.

Her debut track under the Palehound alias drizzles detached, loner imagery over shuffling percussion and dynamic bass grooves. Informed by pal Sadie Dupuis, of Speedy Ortiz, who knows a thing or two about taut 90s licks, the structured sleekness of ‘Pet Carrot’ belies her tender years, although as smart and sweet as the middle-eight acoustic breakdown is, Ellen’s birdsong drawl – a knowing nod to Kim Deal – remains the undisputed star of the proceedings.

Palehound’s debut EP Bent Nail is out 22 October via Exploding in Sound.

Photo credit: Manny Harpin