Directed by Lambert Grand, the cinematic visuals follow a pair of nameless twins’ journey as they escape the concrete confinements of their surrounding imprisonment. More questions are raised than answered, casting the track in a nervous, apocalyptic energy as the viewer fears for the safety of the young protagonists.

Inspired by Ora The Molecule's lead vocalist Nora’s recurring childhood dream of being chased by a celestial spirit, the track is led by this deep-rooted anxiety. “One night I realised that it was a dream,” she explains, “so I turned around and spoke to the ghost. He then disappeared, I woke up and I never had the dream again, as if confronting him broke the illusion, and that he could only exist as long as I feared him.”

Ora The Molecule consists of an international convergence in LA: vocalist Nora, drummer Sju and synth player Jan all sharing a mutual love for dance music and the pioneering instrumentation of Kraftwerk. The frenetic synth patterns build with a ferocious, insurmountable energy, fearfully asking the question: “Are you there?”

“When Earth Took A Breath” is out now. Find Ora The Molecule on Instagram.