A song that exists to convey the “laid-back anticipation of a lover” and the preference to “sink in and explore the depths of all things” can be firmly placed in the realm of ostentatious pop music. ‘Are You Down’s obvious Lana Del Rey tendencies within the vocal melodies and Zero 7 overtures reinforce the superfluous nature of the duo but fortunately, the song's production keeps it in line, grounding the floaty pop anthem with crash cymbals and dark grooves.

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“I call this my ‘Pina Colada’” song admits singer Rebeca Arango, “...I’m getting specific about calling in someone who can match my energy and approach to life. The question of going “slow” isn’t about romantic pacing per se (though that is important), it’s more about generally moving slow, never rushing to pack in too much all at once or getting anxious about ‘missing out’”

“Are You Down?” is out now.