The group started life as the solo project of producer Tom Henry, who has previously collaborated with Best Fit favourite Cosima. Bassist Jim Wiltshire and drummer Matt Davies swiftly moved from slots in the live band to full-time members, later to be joined by vocalist Olivia Bhattacharjee. Following the outfit reaching its current line-up, they were signed on the spot after an intimate show in Manchester. Their story continues with debut album Icaros due out next month.

“Golden Claw” is our first taste of Icaros’ material; a lithe, driving beast showcasing the talents of all now involved in Noya Rao. Wiltshire and Davies flesh out Henry’s ideas, animating the backdrop against which Bhattacharjee’s vocals are illuminated. Her voice brings rich, soulful flavour to the group’s meticulous electronics: contradicting sounds that marry together in nostalgic harmony. Don’t be fooled by those dulcet tones, though, as the lyrics tell the story of a manipulative heartbreaker.

Noya Rao are a welcome addition to the ongoing '80s-influenced synth revival, but “Golden Claw” sees them taking a grittier and more substantial turn than many of their peers.

Icaros is released 24 November via Gondwana Records.