21-year-old Novaa is a spellbinding songwriter, mixer and producer who finds beauty amongst chaos.

"Almond Eyes" is a powerful offering, commencing with minimal instrumentals and layered vocals to emphasise the alluring assumptions made to women.

Backed by rumbling synths, Novaa's track has a foreboding and seductive sound, encapsulating the dark tones of gender inequality and the need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Speaking about the track, Novaa explains, "The word feminism is a tricky one. If you use it people put you in a box no matter what you’re trying to say. So I stopped using the word for some time as I thought it would make having conversations easier. That was stupid and cowardly. It doesn’t matter what terms I use for talking about equality as long as I talk about it freely, openly and honestly. When I call myself a feminist it does not mean I hate men. It means I hate seeing beautiful human beings suffer because of their sex - female and male. I was suffering because I taught myself that it’s wrong to appreciate my self and my body as a woman. “Almond Eyes” was my way of sharing that struggle and liberating myself from it."

"Almond Eyes" is out now. Find Novaa on Instagram.