The track is taken from Niia’s newly-announced second album II: La Bella Vita, and finds the artist blending her velvety vocals with glossy disco beats. The effervescent undertone to “Whatever You Got” is paired with a catchy chorus, making it a standout addition to her established relaxed grooves.

I was all about falling in love, and how scary but exciting it is to find someone and build a life with them,” she says of her previous album. “II: La Bella Vita is about the downfall of a relationship. The cold reality of ‘where did the love go? Why did it fall apart?’ Going through emotions like anger, bitterness, sadness, and how you move through the stages of grief and recovery to keep going.”

“I’m more interested in what hurts than what feels good. Sometimes it hurts so good. I think that’s beautiful.”

Building a collection of trip-hop, slow-jams and dream-pop, Niia has mastered the art of being situated in the present, whilst reaching for a nostalgic vibe.

“Whatever You Got” is out now and II: La Bella Vita releases on 14 February. Find Niia on Facebook.