Tinged with a sense of the meloncholy, "Empire" is a bittersweet venture across soaring tapestries of sound. Maya Marie's heartfelt vocals glide with an effortless charm. Lost in the bittersweet nostalgia of the words she sings, the Beirut-born artist paints a picture of a better time now lost in the past. 

Effortlessly smooth, "Empire" is flooded with a yearning you can't help but echo. Winding gently through themes of loss and desire, the track resounds with a bewitching wonder. Layered instrumentation creates a backdrop that's graceful and mournful. With a wealth of sonics to sweep you away, New Pharaohs have crafted a sound that's completely immersive. 

"New Pharaohs is very personal and the most honest I've ever been musically," Maya says of the music, and her inspirations. "It's about love, loss, and what could have been. I needed to get back to my roots. Seeing war unfold all over again in neighbouring Syria has brought back too many memories to ignore. I think of the classmates I had in my little convent school run by nuns in the Lebanese mountains. I know some of them died in the war. I think about the life I'd be living if there hadn't been a war. I would surely be someone else."

Stream "Empire" below.