Brit School graduate Shay has developed quite the ear for perky pop songwriting – previous single "This Feeling" hit number four in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. "Perfume" strays from "This Feeling"'s indie-pop formula, ditching Vaccines-esque guitar euphoria for the nostalgic delights of summery synth-pop. "Perfume"'s sweet, summery sound lets Shay's vocals shine, both in the foreground and as subtly layered backing.

"'Perfume' was really fun to create and work with," Shay says of the single. "It’s a different sound from my other songs, but was interesting to work with the 80s vibe and create something fresh and exciting." Indeed, the track is a clever little concoction that juices all the appeal of vintage electronics into an extremely fresh-feeling pop song.

"Perfume" is out 15 June