Scarlett Johansson tried and was mostly damned for it but we can maybe blame Dave Sitek for that misfire (although let's not forgot the description of her singing voice as "a faintly goth Marilyn Monroe lost in a sonic fog").

Natali Felicia's take on Waits is more determined - and of course benefits from a voice with greater nuance and character. "Clap Hands" - from Waits' signature 1985 record Rain Dogs - is a song she's been playing at shows for the last few years. Her version retains the opiate-soaked dreamscapes of the original but swops out the mysticism and vaudeville for a dramatic play between vocal and melody.

As with Felicia's other work, it's all about building tension through that big pop production c/o her collaborator and producer Andreas Grube, who also worked on her last single "Run Like The River".

"I’m very fascinated and inspired by Waits theatrical lyrics and way of expressing,” Felicia tells us. “I find Rain Dogs especially such a surreal and eclectic album [and] 'Clap Hands’ is my all time favorite song by him."

The version Felicia was playing live was more stripped back than the one that's made it onto recrod. "We tried to further shape the production into the world of Natali Felicia," she explains. "Me and Andreas managed to find this new, more melodious version. There were aspects of the song that inevitably had to change in our production, but we didn’t want to alter the essence too much.

"I have a great deal of respect for the piece and his work as an artist."

The song will also appear on Felicia's debut album due out this autumn.