Engaged in a chaotic dance, the protagonists on the video for Mysie's newest track are disconnected – unable to determine their partner’s next move. Family dynamics play out around the dining room table as the intimate, domestic space is thrust into the public domain. Mysie's honeyed vocals are poignant and emotionally devastating, soaring over the stuttering electronic production.

The two partners are lost in their fragmented, disjointed discourse as the relationship convulses into terror, the tangible anger warping with an intense ferocity.

"'Fall Away' is about growing apart from a toxic relationship. It's about choice,” explains Mysie. “Whether you choose to keep yourself in a toxic relationship, knowing subconsciously they were never good for you or whether you choose to accept, break the cycle, and walk away. Know. Your. Worth.”

Family roles resume as the video draws to a close, but it’s easy to see beneath this façade as the artificial surface begins to crack under the pressure.

“Fall Away” is out now via Ostereo, with her debut EP Chapter 11 out 31 May. Find Mysie on Facebook.