Raised in California and based in Brooklyn, NY, mxmtoon (that’s “em-ex-em-toon”) aka Maia is a singer/songwriter who has garnered praise for her meticulously crafted, bedroom pop. What started as rhyming diary entries have become fully-realised, emotion-packed songs and are best experienced on her acclaimed debut album the masquerade.

When it came to following up her first record, Maia has opted for opening up her musical world and letting in some new and exciting influences. The sentimental songwriting which can be traced back through every mxmtoon offering is still at the core of her latest single “lessons”, but it’s production and inclusion of lush, warm pulsing beats and additional instrumentation are what takes this standout track to a new level.

It’s theme of overthinking is intrinsic to mxmtoon’s storytelling. “My mind constantly runs rampant with questions about myself, my relationships, and my place in the world” Maia explains, “one thing I’ve tried to be better at as the years have gone by though, is letting go.” These life lessons we experience are “teachable moments” Maia adds “ allowing yourself the space to make mistakes and to become better from those is vital.”

“lessons” is out now and dawn is out 22 April. Find mxmtoon on Facebook.