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Murkage Dave considers the ills of social media on “World I Want to Live In”

14 April 2022, 12:10 | Written by James Ellis

The fourth single from his upcoming album, “World I Want To Live In” showcases Murkage Dave’s ability to observe the world around him, write incisive lyrics about it, and then sing them charmingly back to us.

Murkage Dave’s signature blend – that of bleak truths about modern life served with a wry lyric and a here-for-you smile - is abundant in “World I Want To Live In”. It’s an appeal for unity; encouraging us to put down the phone and go help each other out in real life.

“I wanted to find a way to encourage empathy between different people fighting for different causes. If things are gonna get better we all need to help each other out,’’ he comments. That sense of compassion is a hallmark of Murkage Dave’s music – even more so in his recent singles. ‘Us Lot’ is an anthem for outsiders, ‘Awful Things’ a catchy ode to intrusive thoughts and ‘Please Don’t Move To London It’s a Trap’ an honest assessment of city life. All 4 songs will be featured on his sophomore album The City Needs A Hero.

While hopeful, the song isn’t naïve about the realities of social media either. “I also explored the paranoia that social media can place on you. I'm only ever a few clicks away from someone who thinks I'm subhuman, on social media these people are faceless, so it creates this subconscious fear when you're out in the street. Who are these people?” he ruminates.

We’re all aware of the corrosive effect that being constantly online is having on our collective psyche, but few are able to express it as frankly and lyrically as Murkage Dave. Many have tried (see Lily Allen’s “URL Badman” or Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down”), but “World I Want To Live In” approaches the issue with humanity that allows it to connect. The song arrives with a similarly brilliant video created by Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan and up-and-coming creative Sam Aminzadeh.

Murkage Dave is acutely aware of the isolation of the internet, which is perhaps why his dynamic with his fans is an endearing one with genuine love on both sides. He recently thanked his supporters for the unique relationship they share, regularly engages with them on Patreon and spent a recent Saturday hanging out with fans in pubs around London.

Murkage’s own namesake is rooted in his time in Manchester, so it makes sense that he’s enlisted natives AART for production on this release. It’s wonderful production - gospel-infused pianos and organs dominate while pitched-up choirs reminiscent of early Kanye West and Chance The Rapper’s Colouring Book appear throughout. Pair these elements with Murkage Dave’s emotive vocals and the song’s subject matter, and you’ll dash your phone out the nearest window.

His debut album Murkage Dave Changed My Life established him as a fascinating independent voice within UK Music – "World I Want To Live In" and the upcoming The City Needs A Hero suggest he’ll continue this run, all while cultivating a heartfelt (in-person) relationship with those who actually want the best for him.

"World I Want To Live In" is out now with the new album The City Needs A Hero set for release on 27 May. Find Murkage Dave on Instagram.
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