New single "Venus" sees Molina enlist a live rhythm section to accompany her signature sound, building texture and atmosphere with both her layered vocals and those cushioning sheets of synthesisers. "Venus" comes across as something as an oxymoron: its organic feel cleverly offset by the copious electronic aspects. Initially dark, it spirals into something more open and contrastingly warm as it hits the dreamy, almost choral-seeming chorus.

"Venus" arrives accompanied by a video shot by visual artist Diana Guais and her friend Marina Jagoda. Molina discovered Guais by chance via Instagram, and made contact after being inspired by her unique and colourful style. Visiting Guais' secluded childhood home in Normandy to shoot the video, the trio created a surreal addition to the release, opening with a neon-tinged shot of Boticcelli's famous Venus.

"Venus" is out now.