"Slip Away" is the first new Mini Trees track of 2020. The UV-drenched guitar melodies provide a light-hearted foundation for the track, allowing Vega's "ahh's" to drift in and out of the song like a subtle summer breeze.

Vega's vocals are sentimental, describing events where she's been forced to act like everything's fine despite enduring an internal struggle - one of self-acceptance.

The borderline playful beat propels the track into the summer season, but is contrasted by Vega's lyrics in the chorus, as she sings about "hating myself again". Despite the melancholic lyrics, the soft tones of her voice compliment the light instrumentals of the track. It's a tender ballad, but one that you can enjoy while basking in the sun.

Vega, who formed Mini Trees in 2018, says of the new track, ""Slip Away" is an internal dialogue about struggling with self-acceptance, and how, despite my best efforts to fill my life with distractions to avoid facing myself, the inevitable and unsettling feeling of self-loathing always finds its way back to the surface."

The new single is also the title-track of Vega's second Mini Trees EP Slip Away. It'll follow on from her 2019 debut EP Steady Me, and is produced by Jon Joseph.

"Slip Away" is out now. Mini Trees' second EP Slip Away will arrive 29 May. Follow Mini Trees on Instagram.