A heartwrenching duet, "i hope you cry" is the LA-based artist's second release of the year following the rambunctious indie-pop of her comeback "Any Way You Wanna Love". A huge step up for Myers she recruits alt-pop crooner morgxn to deliver this vulnerable new offering.

"Humans bottle things up, hold things in, sweep things under the rug. That’s what most of us have been taught to do and I feel that is what keeps us in suffering," Myers explains.

Channeling this energy into the track, she adds "it was beautiful to be able to connect with morgxn in a way that, to be honest, most men are afraid to. To be vulnerable, to be real, to allow yourself to be seen, that is true strength. "i hope you cry" is permission to do that. All together now…"

"Growing up in the South I didn't have a lot of models of men who cried," morgxn continues. “It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I had been holding back my tears; afraid to meet the more vulnerable parts of me. It’s been nice to reacquaint myself with my younger self and make up for lost time."

Taken from her upcoming Thank U 4 Taking Me To 2 The Disco EP, this diverse new collection of songs comes back to back with its counterpart I'd Like 2 Go Home Now, both filled with more of Myers' exquisite songwriting.

"i hope you cry" is out now, her double-EP drops 13 November. Follow Meg Myers on Instagram.