There's a surreal uniqueness to Mattis' vocals that seems overworldly and utterly enchanting, as it sinks to the depths and soars through the choruses of the song and even though the ex-punk rocker stands at over six foot eight, it proves him to be something of a gentle giant.

"Into The Night" is a stripped-back snippet of electronic soul that seems gentle and inviting at first, but booms in with a menacing bass at the choruses that echoes the pain and darkness that lie at the heart of the track.

It sees Mattis get to grips with his shortcomings and face the pain head on as he cries "My hope / And my father’s voice / These failures / These lessons / They are feeding on my love". However, at the end of it all, there's a sense of conclusion and a epiphanal moment as it culminates in Mattis learning to let go.

"Into The Night" is out now.