"It’s something that quite a few of us have experienced in our families,” explains frontman Alex Hannaway. “I suppose it’s about how memories are shared between people, and how the loss has a rippling effect across all of those who shared in those memories.”

Inspired by a documentary, Hannaway was struck by the unequivocal love of the affected family members and what he describes as their “perseverance and hope” despite the cruel nature of the disease.

This sense of hope and doggedness irradiates through the track gingerly with peppy guitars and a chiming melody. But all the while there’s a lingering sense of despondency with Hannaway’s affectional vocal mourning the loss of cognisance - “I wish one day you’d wake up / see your children / see my love”.

There’s a great tenderness to everything Margot do; having mastered the art of gradation and subtlety admirably, their ability to bring the ennui and astral most seductive. Despite being in their relative infancy, their instrumentation and production is ambitious and self-assured, and they feel like a band who know who they are and what they’re about. Their continuing unbridled take on our fallibility as humans, a refreshing change from the meaningless and fustian.

“Taken By Age” is out now. They will support Swimming Tapes this November, find tickets here. Find Margot on Facebook.