Ever-changing and upbeat, Manu Dia captures a childlike, carefree sound on “Kids In America”. Playful percussion clinks, chiming bell tones and layered airy vocals carry the track into a whimsical performance of unique instrumentation.

The track follows an unconventional structure, one that's constantly evolving and progressing to develop an idiosyncratic sound that fits perfectly with the theme of the track: experiences of youth. It's a time in life when everyone was constantly evolving and progressing, and Manu Dia has managed to encapsulate a wide-eyed enthusiasm through the single.

"It's a song about being young and embracing the experiences of your youth," Manu Dia says as he explains the meaning of the track. "Something that will make you feel like you are on a perpetual sunset ride home."

“Kids In America” is out today and his Surface EP is out 14 June on Young Art Records. Find Manu Dia on Facebook.