Following hot on the heels of last year’s stellar album Abrakadabra, “Space 19” shows Magic Wands is a band imbued with confidence and a potent desire to push their sound to the next level.

“I fell in love in an ordinary world,” coos guitarist and vocalist Dexy Valentine, a statement that feels surprisingly at odds with the cosmically heady heat of the declared desire and infatuation of their latest release. “I won’t ever wake up from this dream”.

Persistently throbbing basslines evoke a sense of urgency, with punchy drumbeats bringing a rousing euphoria to the track for a unified experience that's powerful and otherworldly. Stirring a healthy dose of rich synth into their ever-lucid concoction, the track is an inspired reimagining of their earlier work.

“When we were writing Aloha Moon 19 we decided that we'd focus on three topics: magic, love, and dreams,” shares Valentine, who also performs in equally dreamy yet far sweeter pop outfit My Ultra Violet. “Love has always been such a big inspiration in art and culture, whether it's heartbreak or falling in love. 'Space 19' is about being in love”.

“Space 19” is out now and Aloha Moon 19 is to be re-released in April. Find Magic Wands on Instagram.