lullahush – real name Daniel McIntyre – build upon years of musicianship that saw him join his first band aged just 13. Writing with and producing for several other rising artists (including Best Fit favourite Æ Mak), McIntyre honed his own particular sound: breezy electronica somewhat akin to a glitchier Vampire Weekend, or a more lowkey Bombay Bicyle Club.

"If Spring Had A Spare Room I'd Rent It With You" is the first taste of longer project A City Made Of Water And Small Love, slated for release later this year. Its introduction is comprised of delicately harmonising vocal layers that blend and merge with others clipped into more abrupt samples. This collage is fleshed out with deft percussion; often minimal, but never boring. Indeed, "If Spring Had A Spare Room..." is often so sonically engaging that McIntyre's poetic lyrics lose themselves in the mix. It's worth paying special attention – the track is as beautiful in writing as it is to listen to.

The track's video is yet another gorgeous string to lullahush's bow. It's a low-budget enterprise rendered in gorgeous muted pastel tones, featuring shifting seascapes and carefully depicted tenderness with the same determined individuality as "If Spring Had A Spare Room..."'s thoughtful construction.

"If Spring Had A Spare Room I'd Rent It With You" is out 12 April.